About Us

Our clinic started with a small gym that had hardly enough room for an exercise bike. Even in those cramped conditions we were able to build a loyal patient base as well as solidify our relationships with the physicians in the area and in 2005 were able to expand into our spacious, fully-equipped suite. Despite our growth we have maintained our core philosophy of patient centered treatment, where each patient is evaluated as an individual with specific needs and personal goals. Our treatment plans incorporate these findings resulting in a more efficient, more relevant, and more enjoyable course of physical therapy for the patient.

Our physical therapists have all earned Doctorate in Physical Therapy degrees and two have been certified as Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. We have the knowledge and experience to accommodate all types of orthopedic patients. Our therapists continually strive to remain at the cutting edge of knowledge regarding physical therapy treatments and theories. The support staff is well-trained and have nearly 40 years of experience in treating patients in a friendly, professional manner.