Lider Chan

Lider Chan DPT, MS

Dr. Lider Chan graduated from the University of Southern California with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2004, after receiving his Master of Science degree in Biokinesiology in 2001. Dr. Chan offers a unique customized approach to help his patients by functional diagnostic evaluation with biomechanical analysis, integrated manual therapy, cutting edge physical therapy modalities, including advanced class IV Photobiomodulation(PBM) lasers, and tailor-made functional therapeutic exercise programs.

Dr. Chan has advanced training and extensive experience in headache/migraine treatment, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, thoracic outlet syndrome, sports injuries, and spinal radiculitis conditions. He has served the community in West Los Angeles Area since 2004 and has been partnered with ULCA headache and migraine center, Cedars-Sinai spine center, and multiple thoracic outlet syndrome specialists.

Dr. Chan’s research interests are clinical biomechanics in shoulder rotator cuff injuries and adhesive capsulitis, patellofemoral pain in the knee joint, and spine dysfunction pathologies. He has been a clinical specialist and researcher in photo-bio-modulation therapy since 2008. Dr. Chan is currently involved in many ongoing clinical studies with the application of photobiomodulation treatment on different pathologies, such as peripheral neuropathy, soft tissue and joint inflammatory conditions, and spinal radiculitis.